In these grades when students are entering their teen years and moving away from childhood, Living Water Christian School encourages students to stay focused and balanced while helping them embrace their independence with responsibility and compassion.

Junior High School

7th grade - 8th grade


Summit - Walking in Truth (6th-8th) trains students to defend their faith and respond to counterfeit worldviews. Our students will cover answers to the “big questions” about God, the universe, human beings, truth, and morality. They will be able to compare and contrasts the key tenets of Christianity to Islam, naturalism, and new spirituality. Most importantly they will understand how they can live out their Christian worldview in a post-Christian culture.

Abeka - Students’ growing mastery of subject matter is strengthened because of the comprehensive design of our curriculum. Material taught in one subject is reinforced in other subjects. At every step of the way, students learn, apply, and master new concepts and skills. Since education shouldn’t end with a diploma, Abeka gives students a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. We make it easy so you can make it amazing.

Bob Jones University - An academically sound curriculum utilizing materials that use hands-on-learning, creative problem solving, and other research-proven instructional strategies to motivate students to take an active role in learning and to master age-appropriate material.

Loyola - Mastery of language arts and writing skills is critical in today’s world of communication and students that write well can more fully participate and thrive. As they improve their ability to write, students improve their ability to think– to build arguments, to frame issues in compelling ways, and to weave facts into a coherent whole. Loyola Press language arts programs support students through practice and solid instruction to ensure success in and out of the classroom.


$5,650 - Per Year
$565.00 - Per Month (August - May)
(Registration and Book fees are not included in tuition)