For many years Living Water Christian School has provided a high standard of education to the community. In doing so we have seen many families and students rise up in life. Our school is funded by tuition and small fundraisers done during the school year. We keep our tuition lower than competing schools to make it as available as possible to our community.

If you truly want to see you child here at LWCS, then you understand the importance of giving back to us in practical ways. Some of the ways you can help are:

– Being part of PTO and assisting with PTO fundraisers or initiatives
– Attending at least 75% of PTO meetings
– Being a committee member on fundraisers and following through with commitments
– Writing grants for our school
– Exchanging work for study opportunities or using your specific talent to make our school better. Ex: plumbing     plumbing, electrician, yard man, cook, janitorial help, letter writing, web site help, organize clubs, article writing for our local paper, van/bus driver, morning monitor etc.
– set up bulletin boards
– Helping with the booster club.(sports)
– Assisting with coaching a team.

*Any Financial Aid assistance request will be reviewed by the administrative counsel.