The admission procedure is accomplished in the following manner.

  1. Parents complete an online application
  2. Interview with family and student(if 7th grade or older).
  3. Time is scheduled for testing of student if administration determines it is necessary. A fee is charged.
  4. Test results, application, transcripts, recommendations and other data, including a withdrawal form are examined by the administration. The family must be in accord with the Christian educational philosophy of Living Water Christian School. The administrative staff will determine placement for all students.
  5. Admission decisions fall into three categories: conditional admission, probationary admission and denial of admission. Conditional admissions are reviewed yearly for continuing enrollment. Probationary admissions are reviewed quarterly for continued enrollment. Denial of admission does not prohibit a student from applying again if deficient areas are corrected.
  6. Parents are informed of the decision of administration.
  7. Parents affirm their decision to enroll the student in the school by submitting the registration fee. Enrollment is not complete until all required fees are paid and all forms are complete including current immunization records.
  8. If application requirements are met, acceptance is based on date of the application.
  9. Students continuing in Living Water Christian School may re-enroll beginning in January of each year.
  10. Enrollment is open to the general public in February.

Non-discriminatory policy

Living Water Christian School will admit prospective students of both sexes, regardless of race, creed, color or national and ethnic origin. Living Water Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color or national origin in it’s educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic programs or other school administered programs.


Should scholarships based on need become available, students who are continuing enrollment are given first priority, and members of Church of Living Waters are considered next. Scholarship applications must be requested from an administrator in advance of the school year.

Financial Aid Application


Admission’s FAQ

LWCS Handbook

Pre-School Enrollment Application

2017-2018 LWCS Re-Enrollment Application
*Also, contains more information on tuition, aftercare and transportation.

2017-2018 LWCS New Student Application
*Also, contains more information on tuition, aftercare and transportation.